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The Popular
Medium Fullness Lash extensions

So you want to go without makeup and you want that bold, black lash look - this is for you. Our cashmere ellipse volume lashes stand out - we can make them dense and bold or light yet visible. These are our most popular service because they stay in place for a long time. These featherlight flat lash extensions attach to your eye in a fan shape.


Many darker skinned customers choose The Popular as it makes your eyes pop.

If your skin is lighter and you like a really dark 100% black lash, then this is the look for you.

The Entry

If you have never had extensions before and don’t know how you will look, start here. The Entry shows you what you will look like with longer lashes and not needing mascara. This is not a volume set instead we will add one extension per natural lash, in either a light (not every natural lash will be lashed) or full style (most viable natural lashes will be lashed). It’s important you get used to lash extensions gradually otherwise you may find the change too much to take in one go. Start gradually and we can go on the journey together.


Choose this to find out what lash extensions could do for your face. Suits any hair colour and skin tone.

Classic lash extensions
The Lash Natural
natural russian volume set

For the woman who doesn't want people to notice they are wearing lash extensions, we designed The Natural. Using very fine extensions, this volume lash set, will give you the natural enhancement for your everyday life. This service comes in different fullnesses to cater to everyone.


Whether you wear make up every day or only occasionally, you want to be faster out of the door in the morning. Stop worrying about your face, because your lashes are good to go right away.

The Mega

This is a treat for you - a deep and luscious eye lash treatment that everyone will notice. The Mega is not something you do often because this treatment takes a long time. Afterwards your lashes will look fluffy because the extensions are much finer than the Cashmere. We achieve a really dense eyelash blackness by using many individual lashes - but the results speak for themselves.

Mega russian volume lash extensions
The Nude
Natural eye lashes that have been lifted

This service is not a lash extension but a lash lift. If you don’t like anything on your eyes and want to use your natural lashes choose The Nude. This treatment makes the most of your own eye lashes - creating a perfect line which frames your eye.


Sometimes eye lashes curl downwards or point in different directions. The Natural will make your lashes align with a nice curl and look really smooth. This treatment lasts for the length of each hair - eyelashes fall out between 6 - 8 weeks naturally.


This service is designed to keep your lashes looking fresh, full and beautiful. Over time, natural eyelash growth and daily wear can lead to gaps or sparse areas in your lash line. To enjoy the full benefits of lash extensions, we recommend scheduling regular infill or touch up appointments every 2-4 weeks.

We are pleased to offer infill services to clients from other businesses. In order to maintain the highest quality and safety standards for our clients, we may however recommend a full removal and new set. To ensure a seamless experience, we recommend booking an appropriate amount of time for the infill.  

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