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Brow treatments
The Brow Natural

A brow natural is like having a mini “face lift” it really helps make your face more open and bright. Using wax and coloured tint to enhance your natural brow shape. I will advise you on how to improve the shape and ways to enhance the features of your face - like having narrower eyebrows. 


Using hot wax, I outline your brow, then trim the hairs so they are tidy and then use tweezers to get rid of outliers. This treatment lasts for 4-6 weeks for most customers. 

The Brow Wow

We start with a brow natural service (above) and add a perm lotion to correct or change your brow hair alignment so unruly brow hair gets to look much smoother.


If you have curly hair you may want a smoother look, if your hair naturally grows in different directions across your eyebrow this helps line them up. Alternatively, pointing the brow hairs upwards or at 45 degrees, will make them look thicker. This lasts for 4-6 weeks for most customers. 

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